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Specialty Soaps.
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    no pic yet Mugs of shaving soap to use with a brush.
    no pic yet Facial and Shaving Soap: round bars.
    Laundry Stain Sticks. Granny White's laundry stain stick.
    Druid Deer Soap. Druid Deer Soap: made with deer tallow,
to honour the Stag King.
    no pic yet Soap Goddesses in a variety of colours and fragrances.
    Sabbat Soaps Sabbat Soaps: a work in progress.
    Soap cakes! Soap cakes! A selection of my cakes of soap.
The specialty soaps below are linked
to their pages in the Bars section.
    Camouflage Soap for hunters. Camouflage Soap: Hunters and fishermen
use soap made with anise oil because
it disguises the human scent.
    Gardener's soap. Gardener's soap contains gentle scrubbies like pumice powder and ground flax seed, to help gardeners get tough dirt off their hands.
    Sailor's Soap. Sailor soap mermaids.Sailor's Soap. Made with coconut oil
so it will lather in salt water. Unscented. Also shaped into mermaids!
    Vegan Sunrise Soap. Vegan Sunrise Soap. Made with all vegetable
oils and fats, for vegetarian appetities.


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Mystress Serpent's Amazing karma cleaning snake oil miracle soap
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