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Camoflage Soap.

Camo Soap Anise is a strong licorice scent. Anise soap is used by hunters, fishermen, and other outdoor types because it disguises the human scent, replaces it with an herbal, woodsy scent animals like.

It was fun to try to make the soap look like army camouflage, with a four (or was it five?) colour swirl using various colourants and herbs. The dark brown is ground fennel, in large quantities. I think it is the ugliest soap I ever made, but it is accurate, my ex-military friend approves.

I'm letting this one cure in the laundry room, the anise is so powerful! Usually my soaps are lightly scented.

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Ingredients: I lost the recipe I used for this soap after I made it. I cannot remember what the base oils are, but it is fragranced with anise essential oil, and a bit of sage. It contains ground aniseed and fennel, and is coloured with mineral colours.

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