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Specialty Soaps.
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Druid Deer Soap.
Druid Deer Soap.One day when I was really frustrated with the complexity of making the Sabbat Soaps, my beloved druid suggested I make him some simple soap, and requested deer tallow soap... he had been with me when I finally located some deer fat to render into tallow for the Sabbat soaps.

So I did! I added some moisturizing oils and some oat bran as an exfoliant, and scented it with eucalyptus, and molded it in one liter milk cartons.

As it turns out, he doesn't like the soap because of the oat bran... he likes smooth soap. My pagan friends love it though, because the deer fat is charged with the Stag King energy.

   Herne's blessings on this soap!
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Contains saponified organic deer tallow, canola oil, olive oil, beeswax. Oatbran, eucalyptus essential oil.
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