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Percyval's Soap, large barsmaller percyval soap.

I named this soap for my friend in NYC who has difficulty bathing because he has chronic lyme disease. He loves my soap because it rinses so clean and easy his bathing is much less tiring.

I made it for him, but it is lovely so I'm glad I made a big batch (6 kilos) so there is plenty for me too. It is one of my my favorite soaps, specially cooked to bring out the glycerine. The soap has so much glycerine is it translucent in the light, and the bar really lasts. Scented with real organic lemon zest, a citrus fragrance called Yuzu that is a type of Japanese grapefruit, plus apple fragrance and apple and lemon EOs. The scent is dreamy and delicious. The smaller bars I made with the leftover soap that did not fit in the big mold have a more dramatic swirl than the big ones.

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Ingredients:Lots of love and Shakti!
Also, saponified tallow, palm oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, canola oil, coconut oil, lard, corn oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, fresh organic lemon zest, citrus and apple frangrances oils and essential oils, mineral colours.
Large bars run approx. 4 oz or

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